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Our top tips to get the most fun out of your Stag’s night. One of our favourite games requires a bit of prep work but we promise it’s worth it. The bride-to-be writes a list of questions for her fiancé to answer. From her favourite food to which of his body parts she likes the most. Each guest takes it in turns to ask the Bachelor a question from the list, if the Buck gets the question correct the guest who asked it has to drink, however, if the Buck gets it wrong he will have to drink. It shouldn’t be too difficult for the Buck, he is marrying this woman after all.

Another great Buck’s Party Idea is dressing up the man of the hour in drag. That includes lingerie, fishnet stockings, a dress pre-purchased in his size as well as a wig and anything else super girly you want to throw in. You could even grab some makeup and our topless waitresses would be more than happy to apply it so the Buck will look his best for his big day.

Punishing the Buck is a ritual that’s been passed down for generations so why stop now? Whether its in the form of making him eat disgusting things, forcing him to drink or leaving it up to the dominatrix stripper, punishment of Buck can come in many different forms. You could even hire a fatagram stripper to really ruin his night.

For even more Buck’s party ideas call Bootylicious Babes for the ultimate entertainment to hook up. We can cater to any event serving Melbourne and regional Victoria as well as Sydney and New South Wales.

So you’ve been chosen as the best man! What an honour and a privilege that comes with the great responsibility of planning the Bucks party. Not only is it up to you to come up with Buck’s party ideas, but you also have to implement them. No pressure of course but it will probably be remembered for all of eternity if you get it wrong. That’s where we come in, Bootylicious Babes stripper hire an agency to the rescue!

We will make your party the best ever and we guarantee it. Our sexy Topless waitresses will keep drinks flowing all night and engage and entertain. Our strippers will put on a display that’s as hot or as kinky or even as disturbing as you like! That’s right we cater to all of you with those weird and wonderful fetishes, you know who you are. Bondage, BDSM, dominatrix, fruit and vegetable shows just to name a few, and the best part?

We come to you. Our sexy Stripers and gorgeous Topless waitresses are available for hire throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria as well as Sydney and regional New South Wales. We can come to your house, hotel, boat, party bus, fishing charter, limousine and more. Don’t risk being remembered as that guy who screwed up the Bucks party, be the guy who made it happen! Be the guy who planned a party that gave The Hangover, pre-Hangover a run for its money.

Take the stress work out of planning your best mates Buck’s Party and call Bootylicious Babes today, we will guide you through our entertainment packages and get the perfect party happening for you. We cater to any party big or small and can work around your budget. We won’t even take the credit for it, if anyone asks you planned it all by yourself. That’s right, you’re the best best-man ever!

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