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That one day in September that goes down as one of the best days in Australia. Where beer runs freely, men become uninhibited and there’s an Aussie BBQ almost everywhere you look. You guessed it, it’s the AFL grand final and it’s embraced by many Aussie’s alike. It’s a day of celebrations, tears and excessive drinking because let’s face it, it would Un-Australian not too.

A day where anything goes and everyone gets into the festive Bogan Australian spirit! It’s a great day for the boys and why not make it even better with some seductive female entertainment. Let our stunning Topless waitresses poor you drinks while you put your feet up and enjoy the game. Boobs and football? You won’t know where to keep your eyes! Of course, our barmaids can also serve drinks in your favourite team’s jersey for those who are looking for more mild entertainment or perhaps you’d like them nude if you’re looking for a welcomed distraction from the game.

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What better way to celebrate half time than with a strip show! Strawberries and cream, seductive strip with open leg work, edible cream and stimulated squirting? We have wax, fire and oils too, in fact we have a bit of everything. Our range of shows is extensive, we have something to suit everyone. From sexy and seductive to next level wild for those who love that shock factor. We can keep it as clean or a messy as you like it, literally! For the ultimate grand final party have the hottest Bootylicious Babes there.

Whether you’re into Topless waitresses, nude barmaids, or sexy strippers putting on jaw dropping displays we’ve got packages to suit everyone. We also have great value, if you find a cheaper price else where we will beat any written quote. Don’t wait until it’s too late, our gorgeous ladies are getting snapped up fast for September 30th so make sure you book in advance or you may find yourself disappointed and boob-less. If you wait until the day to book you might end up with one of the boys serving drinks and no one wants to see Dave’s chest hair when they could be looking at Candy’s double D’s.

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Our female strippers, topless waitresses, and nude barmaids will make your day unforgettable with some of the sexist entertainment you’ve ever seen! It wouldn’t be a true grand final day without some ‘tits out for the boys’ so let’s make the boys happy and book non stop boob action for your grand final day.

All of our Topless waitresses, sexy strippers, and party hosts are available to service Melbourne and all Regional areas of Victoria. We also cover Sydney and regional New South Wales as well. So for the hottest entertainment hook up with premium ladies call Bootylicious Babes and see what we can offer you. You might not agree on which team you’re going for but I’m sure we can all agree that boobs are always going to be a winner.

Yes you could plan your usual boy’s poker night by yourself or you could call Bootylicious Babes to organize your hottest poker party ever. The usual poker night consists of; having the boys over, beer, some sort of greasy take away food, lets assume pizza and of course many rounds of cards which one unlucky guy will have to deal. There’ll also be a lot of beer drinking but you will have to get up and walk to the fridge yourself to those bad boys. No doubt the night will still be great but who wants great when it could be awesome?

Compare that with a Bootylicious Babes poker night. First of all lets throw in a topless poker dealer because it may or may not help you keep a poker face, and lets call a spade a spade, who doesn’t want to see boobs? That’s what I thought, no one! Now walking to the fridge to get beer is probably not a good idea because people could look at your cards while you’re gone and you will miss out on quality time with the dealer’s boobs.

What if we told you we could provide a topless, scratch that, nude waitress to serve drinks and really spice things up! Yes that’s right you read correct, nude waitress hire, you’re convinced aren’t you! Make sure you keep the beers right down the bottom of the fridge so this sexy nude babe will have to bend over to retrieve them… Do you like where we’re going with that? Now since you don’t have to get your own beers you will have a lot more time on your hands. Time for perhaps an intermission where you can eat pizza or hire a hot as f*#k stripper to really get the party started. Even better why not eat pizza while you watch the show. Epic right?

At your standard poker night the winner would walk away with a couple of hundred dollars depending on the buy in of course. Now if you have a Bootylicious Babes poker night the winner could walk away with cash and perhaps a one on one lap dance with our topless dealer that just lost her panties and wants to grind on you, you lucky bastard.

Don’t just have a great night when you could have an epic night with the hottest entertainment in Melbourne and regional Victoria as well as Sydney and all of New South Wales. Our poker parties come complete with big boobs, full nudity, drink service and did we mention big boobs? Mmm… I’ll just let that thought sink in. For the most fun you’ve ever had playing poker give us a call and let us hook you up with some A-grade entertainment. Did we mention our ladies are also professionally trained poker dealers? We aren’t bluffing our girls know poker, oh and did we mention they have big boobs 😉

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