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Have you cancelled or rescheduled your Bucks party in the Gold Coast due to COVID? Are you ready to party again with the hottest topless waitresses and showgirls for a Bucks party on the Gold Coast? Has iso got you feeling antsy and ready to party with your mates again?


What better way to celebrate than with a party with the finest entertainment Queensland has to offer? Take the stress out of organising the hottest entertainment for any type of party including; birthdays, boys nights and bachelor parties. If you just want to run a muck after lockdown ends we’ll hook you up with Gold Coats naughtiest waitresses.

Look no further, our topless waitresses on the Gold Coast are party girls like you’ve never seen before. Want a fun, flirty and drop-dead gorgeous girls catering to your every need?

Well, boys, you’ve come to the right place, we’ve got it all and we take the stress out of planning Gold Coast’s best parties! it’s not just bucks parties in Queensland we cover, we also cater to Christmas parties, boat cruises, boys night in, BBQs, divorce parties and so much more!


We put the fun in every party and let’s be real do you even need an excuse to hire Gold Coat’s finest stripers? Having the boys around for a drink is the perfect excuse to let loose and enjoy the best eye candy Gold Coast has to offer.

We’ve even got COVID specials for strippers at the moment! Get Gold Coast’s sexiest strippers at the best prices with COVID specials that are sure to get everyone excited.

Everyone’s been doing it tough lately so we’ve decided to give back with discounted rated on our A class adult entertainment. Why not book a surprise strip show for the boys to lift their spirits during this pandemic? Say goodbye to the COVID bled and hello to our busty models.

We’re your go-to stripper shop when organising a Bucks party on the Gold Coast! Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll make it happen. We provide non-stop entertainment for any type of party and all kinds of budgets. Our friendly staff will look after all of your needs from start to finish when you book with Bootylicious Babes Gold Coast stripper hire.

We’re a customer service focused agency that prides itself on providing only quality entertainment that lives up to your expectations. Don’t let Covid-19 get you down, start planning your next party with all the bells and whistles with our cheekiest entrainment ever.

We’ve got the hottest girls available for the best Gold Coast bucks party entertainment. From strippers, shows, Barbabes, topless waitresses, Lingerie/bikini waitresses, promotional models and more. Come to your one-stop-shop entertainment agency that provides quality above all else. Experience customer service like no other bucks party agency has to offer. Why settle for less when you can have the best?

Call Bootylicious Babes today and experience premier Bucks party entertainment on the Gold Coast. We promise to deliver like no other ? ?

Whether you fancy a walk on the dark side or you’re just a little fetish curious, we have the perfect show for you! Our dominatrix shows are a new level of kinky and can be tailored to suit your needs, from mild to hardcore pain, if that’s what you’re into. Like any good dominatrix, our girls know how to take it to the limits and then some. This strip show isn’t for the faint-hearted but it’s a must-see for all you kinky folk. Leather, whips, suspenders, latex, masks and safe words. We’ve got it all to get your adrenaline running!

Some of our dominatrix strippers are available as a topless waitress Melbourne as well, wearing lingerie or even nude upon request. That way you can combine your experience with some light-hearted banter before the action begins. Our dominatrix themed topless waitress can serve drinks and mingle with guests, bringing so much excitement to your next party.

Our ladies are bubbly and sweet and fit in well with any crowd, that is until the whip comes out! Plus they have plenty of dominatrix stories up their sleeve, a lot more fascinating than your every day small talk! We highly recommend you combine services and get a package that includes a couple of hours of topless waitressing paired with a seriously dark pleasure and pain dominatrix show.
Topless waitress hire

Just to give you an idea our pleasure and pain show includes hot wax torture, spanking, flogging, and humiliation, body worship, fire, bondage and restraints. The entertainment doesn’t stop there but we can’t spoil all the fun and give away all the juicy details. This is the perfect show for any Buck’s Party where the Buck is in need of some serious (and professional) punishment. This strip show has it all and we promise wow factor! You won’t ever forget this show.

For all you little sadists who want to watch the Buck get tortured or even get tortured yourself this show is for you. Early bookings are essential, but occasionally our ladies in latex are available for last-minute punishment.

We have an array of speciality shows available upon request, so if you’re over the usual seductive striptease and looking for something a bit more original enquire now to see what weird and wonderful strip shows we have. Some speciality shows include; fruit and vegetable, fisting, XXX lesbian, anal play and golden showers. We also have a fire show that is available exclusively through Bootylicious Babes. Have you ever seen a stripper eat fire? Fire twirling will never be the same! Only selected girls do these shows so individual prices differ according to the entertainer. Please contact us for more information or a specific quote. We have a unique strip shows to cater for any type of event.

Female stripper hire

What is something that’s fantastic to look at, will get any party started, can set the mood and poor drinks? It may sound too good to be true be we assure you, it’s real. Topless waitresses hire, that’s right picture sexy ladies serving food and drinks to your guests, as well as providing hours upon hours of entertainment. Did we mention these sexy ladies also have their boobs out? It’s not hard to see why our Topless waitresses hire is extremely popular!

Whether you’re having a Buck’s Party, Birthday, Sporting event, work break up, Christmas party, or just having the boys over for a casual drink. Our sexy barmaids can cater to any function and they know how to get a party started. They’re fun, flirty and your biggest regret will be not booking them longer. Don’t wait until last minute, book your favourite girls and really enjoy your party with drink service and boobs!

If you’re in Melbourne and Sydney there’s never been a better excuse to use topless waitress hire and have the bustiest babes serving you drinks. We also cater to all of regional Victoria and New South Wales. Our ladies will make sure your drinks are full and they’re experts in keeping the party alive. They’re also great to look at and they won’t even care if you stare at their boobs. After all thats what they’re here for! They’re also social little butterflies that can keep up with any conversation. Our ladies are so good they’ll have you coming back for more!

As well as Topless waitress hire we also have a range of entertainment from strippers, poker dealers, nude barmaids, lingerie waitresses, bikini models, party hosts, promotional models and much more. So if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne and looking for the best entertainment look no further the Bootylicious Babes. We’ve got everything you need to have the hottest entertainment at your next party!

We’ve got a selection of barmaids to suit everyone’s tastes, they’re all absolutely stunning but if you need help deciding on the right girl for your gig contact our friendly staff, we’d be happy to assist you. If it’s Topless waitress hire you need then you’ve come to the right place and if you’re looking for something a little more sexy then why not get a barmaid who can also perform lap dances? If you don’t know what that entails think sexy babe dancing wearing lingerie, while she’s dancing there’s removal of said lingerie, with more sexy dancing and boobs in your face. In short, it’s probably the most fun you can ever have with your clothes on and it’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Bootylicious Babes aren’t beaten on quality or price so if you’re looking for the best entertainment give us a call and we’ll make your next event your best ever. We go above and beyond for customer satisfaction, we aren’t happy unless you are! So let’s all be happy and put on a party that will make your neighbours hate you and the boys love you!

As we approach August the last month of winter in the land down under, with spring looming just around the corner. The sun comes out, flowers start blooming and traditionally there’s on the onset of people getting married in this beautiful life-giving season. And with marriages comes the send-off, the stag night, the bachelor party, or if you’re Aussie the Buck’s Party! Spring is the season for love, birth, new begging and crazy fun Buck’s Parties.

It’s a tradition that’s been practised for generations, in fact, you probably wouldn’t know the earliest Buck’s parties have been dated as far back as the 5th century B.C. with the Spartans being the first to celebrate the groom’s last night as a single man. If it’s good enough for the Spartan’s you can bet your bottom dollar it’s good enough for us!

There are hundreds of thousands of Buck’s Parties in Australia alone every single year with Spring and Summer the most popular months and with Spring right around the corner, there’s no time like the present to start booking your selection of seductive entertainment.

We’ve come a long way since the era of the Spartan’s region and while we can only guess what went down at a Spartan Buck’s Party we can confidently assume there was a selection of sexy women! We can also assume the women were busty and were wearing minimal clothing. Fast forward over 2400 years and nothing much has changed. We have Topless waitresses serving up alcoholic drinks and the best strippers putting on the hottest shows for your enjoyment.

While the Spartan’s probably rounded up the most promiscuous ladies in town there choices would have been limited, today it’s never been easier or more accessible to hire the hottest strippers and Topless waitresses for your Stag do! We have a huge selection of sexy girls with something for everyone, whatever your flavour may be.

Our entertainment is available wherever you decide to have your party, so if you decide to re-enact a Spartan Buck’s night off in some remote cave on the border of New South Wales and Victoria we’ll still be there. Our entertainment is available for hire covering Melbourne and Sydney as well as all regional areas of New South Wales and Victoria. It’s never been easier to put on a Stag Party fit for a Spartan King!

Some things never change, and the traditional send-off of the groom is a sacred ritual that is repeated to this day. While can only assume the parties are better today then they were 5th century B.C as boobs have gotten bigger and shows have become more wild, we still like to make every party the best it can possibly be.

For the best Topless waitresses and sexiest strippers, Melbourne and Sydney have to offer call us now to help you plan the best Stag do that would make the Spartans proud. One thing’s for sure, just like the Spartan’s we know how to throw a party! This isn’t Sparta, this is Bootylicious Babes!

Our top tips to get the most fun out of your Stag’s night. One of our favourite games requires a bit of prep work but we promise it’s worth it. The bride-to-be writes a list of questions for her fiancé to answer. From her favourite food to which of his body parts she likes the most. Each guest takes it in turns to ask the Bachelor a question from the list, if the Buck gets the question correct the guest who asked it has to drink, however, if the Buck gets it wrong he will have to drink. It shouldn’t be too difficult for the Buck, he is marrying this woman after all.

Another great Buck’s Party Idea is dressing up the man of the hour in drag. That includes lingerie, fishnet stockings, a dress pre-purchased in his size as well as a wig and anything else super girly you want to throw in. You could even grab some makeup and our topless waitresses would be more than happy to apply it so the Buck will look his best for his big day.

Punishing the Buck is a ritual that’s been passed down for generations so why stop now? Whether its in the form of making him eat disgusting things, forcing him to drink or leaving it up to the dominatrix stripper, punishment of Buck can come in many different forms. You could even hire a fatagram stripper to really ruin his night.

For even more Buck’s party ideas call Bootylicious Babes for the ultimate entertainment to hook up. We can cater to any event serving Melbourne and regional Victoria as well as Sydney and New South Wales.

We have the most seductive wait staff for every occasion

A party just isn’t a party without some Bootylicious Babes waitresses. Our waitresses aren’t your average pizzeria waitress; they’re sexy, busty and extremely good to look at. They can make delicious beverages, serve food and they socialize like there’s no tomorrow! Our girls will ensure all your guests are having a great time and that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Our sexy waitresses come as dressed or as undressed as you like. That includes; busty babes in bikini’s, sexy ladies in lingerie, topless waitresses, girls wearing tiny G-strings or even completely nude to really get tongues wagging. We also have themed or costume waitresses that will rock up wearing your favourite teams jersey, a seductive Santa costume or a playboy bunny outfit, if you feel like channeling Hugh Heffner for the night.

Our most popular choice however is the topless waitress and lets face it who doesn’t want to see boobs? According to a German study by Dr. Karen Weatherby of Frankfurt, staring at breasts improves men’s health. Not only will our girls keep you hydrated but they will also help improve your health! It’s a win-win situation for all and even more reason to hire a topless waitress for your next event.

Our topless waitresses service Melbourne, Victoria and Sydney, New South Wales so wherever beer and boobs are needed we’re here to make it happen. Our sexy ladies will make sure your night is one to remember and your drink is always full. For the perfect pair of boobs at your next party call us today, for Melbourne’s sexiest wait staff.

So you’ve been chosen as the best man! What an honour and a privilege that comes with the great responsibility of planning the Bucks party. Not only is it up to you to come up with Buck’s party ideas, but you also have to implement them. No pressure of course but it will probably be remembered for all of eternity if you get it wrong. That’s where we come in, Bootylicious Babes stripper hire an agency to the rescue!

We will make your party the best ever and we guarantee it. Our sexy Topless waitresses will keep drinks flowing all night and engage and entertain. Our strippers will put on a display that’s as hot or as kinky or even as disturbing as you like! That’s right we cater to all of you with those weird and wonderful fetishes, you know who you are. Bondage, BDSM, dominatrix, fruit and vegetable shows just to name a few, and the best part?

We come to you. Our sexy Stripers and gorgeous Topless waitresses are available for hire throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria as well as Sydney and regional New South Wales. We can come to your house, hotel, boat, party bus, fishing charter, limousine and more. Don’t risk being remembered as that guy who screwed up the Bucks party, be the guy who made it happen! Be the guy who planned a party that gave The Hangover, pre-Hangover a run for its money.

Take the stress work out of planning your best mates Buck’s Party and call Bootylicious Babes today, we will guide you through our entertainment packages and get the perfect party happening for you. We cater to any party big or small and can work around your budget. We won’t even take the credit for it, if anyone asks you planned it all by yourself. That’s right, you’re the best best-man ever!

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